Spoonion was the silly name of my one-man "band" throughout high school. It existed in basically two incarnations; Spoonion 1 was B.S. (for Before Stereo (no, not the concept of Stereo, just my Mom's stereo!)) and Spoonion 2 was A.A. (for After AIWA!!).

I started off doing lyrically meaningless guitar-based singer/songwriter type of crap on a karaoke machine I was borrowing from someone (can't remember whom). My good friend Jason Byron also started doing his own one-man home recorded songs under the moniker Buttkey around the exact same time (hopefully one day Byron will decide to release the Buttkey material in some form... it's really some of the most brilliant music I've ever experienced). Additionally I was just getting into the band Ween at the time too. Thanks to Buttkey and Ween, who both employed the sped-up vocals method to their music, I went in that direction with Spoonion too. Spoonion 1's recording method was to tape something, and then play the tape back through one player while recording on a separate tape on the other player. The biggest problem was that with each generation, more noise got into the music. Spoonion 2 did it almost the same way, but because my mom had gotten this fancy (fancy to us) AIWA dual-tape stereo, you could just play from Tape B and record on Tape A at the same time. The issue of generational noise diminished significantly! (Why didn't we use a 4-track or computer to record? Well. Because all that stuff was a huge luxury back then!)

Coincidentally, the turning point from Spoonion 1 to Spoonion 2 was due in part to another very important factor. It was at this time that I started getting into lucid dreaming, magick with a K, astral projection and New Age music. Spoonion's artwork and lyrics underwent a drastic personality change, and for the better. So much better in fact, that there is hardly any listenable material from the Spoonion 1 days.... it's all just too stupid and/or bad. I put some songs up here, but much of what you won't hear was heavily influenced by Pearl Jam... and somehow, twinges of country music got in there...???

Also of note, YES quite a few of the songs' lyrics are based on video games, rpg's, or things like that.

Anyway, on the right are some of the most listenable / least cringeworthy / least boring (You may find yourself asking "These are the least boring??" ) songs by Spoonion. The songs in bold are the "hits", i mean, ones that seemed to have appealed most to my friends. There are also some songs I would like to include but i can't find the recordings of them... maybe I'll be able to put them up here in the future. I would appreciate if those of you who have audio software on your home or work computers would be so kind as to not try to slow these songs down to hear what they sounded like before they were sped up. Basically, I will be embarrassed by the sound of my adolescent voice and the "magic" of hi-dub will be lost. If you really want to hear what that sounds like, download Once Was Nothing and/or When Galaxies Collide. Thanks for your consideration.

Finally, follow this link to hear another highschool-era, hyper-eunuch, Perry-Farrell-inspired, non-spoonion song by me about wells and crap like that.


Spoonion 2

Spoonion 1
rather eat the man