Choirs of the Eye 20th Anniversary European Tour dates announced!

We're so excited to announce that we'll be performing our legendary debut album, Choirs of the Eye, in full this year in a few select locations. What's more, the band will be made up of our original ex-maudlin of the Well lineup! At a few of the concerts, we will also be joined on the road by our lyricist and former MOTW vocalist, Jason Byron, to participate in meet-and-greets with the band and to sell copies of his brand new novels, Amalia and Blasphemy, two stories that are closely related to his writings in Kayo Dot albums. Tour dates and ticket links have been posted here at our website, and at our social media pages. Don't hesitate to get your tickets in advance, and we'll see you there! For inquiries about additional shows in other locations, feel free to contact us directly or our booking agent, John Niblock, at Atonal Agency.


As you may have already known, we have a Subscription page over at Bandcamp where all sorts of unreleased and bonus music can be found. But today, we've also launched a brand new Patreon page intended to mirror the Bandcamp subscription because some fans have been telling us they weren't able to use Bandcamp's system. If that's also what's been keeping you, head on over to to sign up! With the Patreon's launch, Toby Driver has begun a new Audio Journal podcast to be released weekly for the higher tier subscribers. The pilot episode is available to the public so you can hear what it's all about, and you can find that at both Patreon and Thanks so much for your support!